Help Your Team Do Their Best (Worship Rehearsal Material) Part 2a


People really want to do their best. They want to come in prepared, play well and leave having enjoyed the night and ready for the coming Sunday. However, it’s not all in their hands to come prepared for rehearsal.

If you are going to ask your teammates to take their own personal time to prepare for rehearsal by actively listening and then learning to play or sing the music then there are some essential worship rehearsal materials that you are responsible for.

Tips for Worship Creative Teams


Running effective and productive worship creative teams is hard. As I’ve talked with other worship leaders and ministers I’ve found that running a creative meeting seems to be even harder. When I ask how colleagues run creative meetings, the response is usually something like “not very well”. I’ve been working on killing bad creative team meetings in the last couple of years and have identified some of the pitfalls as well as a couple of solutions. I think that a lot of the difficulty comes from our understanding of creativity. We tend to treat creativity as if it’s this magic inspiration that appears at just the right time.  That explains why sitting in a room and looking at a sermon title with a section of scripture, waiting for the good stuff to come pouring out rarely happens.

Worship Song Set (Worshipleader Tools)


In baseball, it amazes me how stats are kept on everything. How many pitches thrown in a game, in a series, in a season and in a career.  How many fly balls are caught, how many base hits are made, how many fouls.  They probably even keep numbers on how many times a pitcher spits or something silly like that.  Stats are kept so that progress, growth, and success of teams and players can be tracked and recorded.

What if we thought about worship song sets the same way?

Planning Tool #3: iTunes Playlists


I love listening to new music and digging through albums to find those gold nuggets that really resonate with our Church community and help them engage in musical worship. I’m constantly going to and checking to see what music is set to be released in the coming months. Then on the Tuesday it comes out, first thing as soon as I’m in the office, I typically fire up iTunes and purchase the album.

One of my biggest problems though is my music library is now over 30-40 gig and it’s hard for me to keep track of albums that I have purchased in the last year, let alone the songs that I think could be great for our Church.


I know this is no surprise to anyone. It seems like they have the corner on 90% of the Churches in the US. I actually have nightmares of  Planning Center going bankrupt and losing the hundreds of hours I’ve spent over the years putting charts, mp3’s and other resources I’ve meticulously uploaded. There are so many features to this monthly paid service that a single blog post couldn’t do it justice but I thought that I would share some of the biggest time killers and savers I’ve learned. (Check Out the Video Tutorial)

Evernote for Worship Leaders

These tools are not in any particular order or hierarchy.

I purchased a handy little ebook calledA Guide to Evernote for Pastors” by Ron Edmondson and it was just what the Dr. ordered. If you are not currently using this tool please do yourself a favor and download the app and the desktop version. While it is simple to use (don’t be afraid of it), it is also very robust in it’s capabilities and I can’t go into detail.

Pulling Back the Curtain

During a recent lunch with some other worship leader friends, we got to discussing some of the tools that we have found most helpful in our ministries.  As everyone was talking about their favorite tools for worship, I started seeing light bulb’s go off in people’s heads as they realized how various tools could be applied in each of their own ministries.