About Nic Cook


My name is Nic Cook and I love Jesus, and His Church. I am the husband to an incredible little curly headed woman who challenges and compliments me named Susan. I am the father of a sweet natured independent little boy we affectionately call the “dude” or legally Levi. I am constantly thinking about and wondering how to be better at each of these roles, whether it be as a minister, husband, father, or ultimately a child of God.

I have a Bachelors degree from Oklahoma City University and a Masters degree from Southern Methodist University. I am currently a seminary student at Lincoln Christian University.

I’ve had the privilege of serving in a mega Church (formerly known as Highland Meadows, now Compass Christian), a Church plant (Brazos Christian Church), a healthy mid-size Church (Lakeside Christian Church), and now a campus for a multi-site church (South Side Christian Church). I also taught as adjunct faculty at Dallas Christian College while I was in Texas.

Why this Blog?

I’m starting this blog primarily as a place to catalog and share the various lessons and tools I have either sought out, stumbled onto or made myself. I like to think of the local Church as a laboratory where we take our orthodoxy (right beliefs about God) and test our orthopraxy (right actions in response to God). Many of the things on this blog were tried out in a community of believers. Some flopped, some did not. I’ll share what I’ve observed, experienced and grown through as a result.


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