Dysfunctional Family Christmas: The Women

Jesus Family Tree- Matthew 1


A Very Merry Dysfunctional Family Christmas.

Good morning church!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As you just saw from the video, we’re kicking off a new sermon series for Christmas called “A very Merry Dysfunctional Family Christmas”. This time of year we usually get a chance to see a lot more of our extended family than usual. For some of you that is exciting and for some of you it’s well…interesting to say the least.

How many of you guys send Family Christmas Cards? What’s funny is that it seems like Christmas cards don’t accurately portray real life. Sometimes pictures can lie and make life look a little too perfect. You know how you can take a picture on your phone and then crop out the stuff you don’t want in it, or you can delete the bad ones. So I decided to google Family Christmas photos and google suggested something called “awkward Christmas family photos.” Bingo, now here was some pictures that showed that life is strange, awkward and far from perfect.