Personal and Public Worship Words


In my last post on speaking tips for worship leaders and examining the questions of who, why, what, where and when shape our worship words, I want to dig into the practical ways we work those ideas into a worship service each week. It’s one thing to think about the trinity, horizontal and vertical audiences, teaching, pastoring, responding biblically to the gospel, but it’s another thing completely to figure out what that looks like. I’d like to take it out of the philosophical realm and put some rubber to the road.
I see two distinct phases to answering how to prepare to speak and lead others in worship. The first is pre-gathering worship word materials from resources and the second is saturating our hearts with them and personalizing them in individual times of worship.

Worship Words (More Speaking Tips for Worship Leaders)


Every worship leader at some point has had to figure out what to do with the microphone before or after the song. Some incredibly important questions to answer to make our worship words more meaningful are: WHO are we speaking to? WHY are we speaking or singing? WHAT are we supposed to say? WHERE and WHEN is it appropriate?  HOW do we do it effectively?

I’ve written some practical things to pay attention to here but I want to get more in depth in this post.

If we aspire to be more than song leaders and learn to be teachers and pastors, we have to find a way to integrate right belief (orthodoxy) into right practice (orthopraxy). Here are some things to consider when speaking in worship.