The Power of Encouraging Your Ministry Teams


Sarcasm is the prominent flavor of humor in this day and age. Jokes that basically make people feel and look stupid are the staple of almost every comedian, television show and conversation. In addition, we have the ability to post and tweet anything critical that comes to our mind about one-another I’ve often felt like there’s more emphasis the spiritual gift of “evaluation” than any of the other real spiritual gifts.

However, I have been thinking about how thankful I am for the people that serve in the worship ministry and how to better serve them well and help them flourish. I have written about the parable of the talents and how they can apply to talent management but I wanted to take a slightly different twist. The phrase “well done, good and faithful servant” in Matthew 25 has always been a motivating desire for me. I want to know that I have intentionally used the time, talent and resources that I have been given in a way that makes my Savior proud. 

We should never underestimate the power of those words. If they can have eternal significance it’s important to understand the day in day out ramifications of saying the same thing to the people who work hard in service to Christ and His Church.