Christmas Worship Planning (4 Things NOT To Overlook)


If you’re a worship leader, by now you have probably begun to recouperate from your Christmas Eve services and are able to objectively look back and glean some insights about what went well and what didn’t. (And if you’re reading this in 2014 you might be in the process of ¬†Christmas worship planning for the next round of holiday services. In which case God bless and here we go again!)

I’ve been doing Christmas Eve services in my current ministry for the past 8 years and and it’s been a lot of fun as well as a huge challenge. Here’s some of the tips I’ve learned over the years.

My Favorite Things (Christmas Worship Songs)


Most of you already have your Christmas worship songs and resources put together but a friend of mine recently said, “Christmas music is like wrapping paper, you buy it the year before and then look back at it the next year to see what you’ve got”. So here’s my list of favorite finds for this Christmas season and if you haven’t finalized your plans hopefully you can grab a couple of these.