Awesome Rehearsals That Rock! (Worship Rehearsal Tips)



Up till this point you have gotten your team the materials they need to succeed, helped them personally practice and prepare for rehearsal as well as gotten the final pieces in place before they show up for rehearsal. All of this is leading up to turning an ordinary rehearsal into a great experience where friends gather and put their pieces of the puzzle together to create a powerful work of art that inspires and encourages worship. This has been a team effort up until now with each person doing their part and rehearsal will be no different.

The major consideration is that time is precious and it’s important for everyone to be considerate of each other. so with that in mind, here is an outline of some worship rehearsal tips I’ve found to be an incredibly effective.

Worship Rehearsal Preparation (Leaders Responsibility)



Picture this. Rehearsal starts at 7:00 pm and the band and vocalists leisurely stroll in for the next 15 minutes. Once everybody is finally there, it’s time for a devotion and prayer time which is choppy and unprepared and doesn’t really make sense. By the time the devotion is over and you’ve prayed it’s almost 7:45. So everyone gets up and starts plugging in and tuning up when it becomes obvious there is a problem with the bass channel because it’s either humming or not working at all.

So after troubleshooting for another 10 minutes it’s been an hour since rehearsal started and nothing productive has actually gone on.

Unfortunately, this is scenario is more common than most would like to admit. However it doesn’t have to be this way and it boils down to each leaders responsibility to worship rehearsal preparation. It is possible to run a smooth and effective rehearsal but it means understanding that rehearsal starts before rehearsal starts.