Why Worship Talent Is Important (Uncomfortable Truths)



Matthew 25 is filled with parables about how we are to live as followers of Jesus in the “between time” from Jesus ascension to heaven and his return at the final judgement. He talked about servants entrusted with an orchard, virgins waiting for the wedding procession, servants with investing and the separation of sheep and goats. These parables illustrated that the followers of Jesus are to be responsible, ready, productive and accountable.

In the business realm there is a term called talent management. It refers to the practice of not only recruiting qualified and capable people but helping them continue to develop, grow and thrive. I think Matthew 25 and in particular verses 14 through 30 speaks some profound truths into what it means for those in worship ministry about being good stewards of our own worship talent and those in our ministries. Even though the parable uses finances as an illustration, it goes deeper to the responsible and productive use of everything that God has given us to be used for his kingdom.

So here are a couple thoughts that I had and I hope they might help God speak in a new way through a familiar passage.

Don’t Just Practice, Practice Right! (Worship Practice Preparation) Part 2b


Imagine walking into the church building for rehearsal, plugging in your instrument and flying through the next 1 1/2 to 2 hours having a blast playing with a great sounding band that worships passionately.

This scene is IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish without EVERY individual on the platform coming personally prepared and having effectively practiced on their own before rehearsal. (Note: even one person not coming prepared dramatically affects the entire team)

Worship practice preparation is essential if you want to enjoy your time together, play well as an individual and a group as well as help serve your congregation with joy and without distraction.

Help Your Team Do Their Best (Worship Rehearsal Material) Part 2a


People really want to do their best. They want to come in prepared, play well and leave having enjoyed the night and ready for the coming Sunday. However, it’s not all in their hands to come prepared for rehearsal.

If you are going to ask your teammates to take their own personal time to prepare for rehearsal by actively listening and then learning to play or sing the music then there are some essential worship rehearsal materials that you are responsible for.