Worship Design Team (Worship Band Leader Job Description)


Five songs, four chords and the truth. Throw in some skinny jeans, a scarf and a guitar and make sure they’re in their 20’s and you’ve got the perfect guy to lead your worship band. Okay, these are cliches and not real qualifications, however more often than not these tend to be characteristics of what you’ll see in contemporary churches. None of these things should necessarily disqualify anyone from leading a worship band but it’s important to make a list of the things that are non-negotiables, important capabilities and nice perks if they’re available as part of your worship band leader job description.

Creative Worship Ideas (Finding the Right Ideas)


So in my post about killing bad creative team meetings one of the major parts of designing worship services is about gathering various creative worship ideas that will be pieces in the puzzle called scratching. Scratching is the process of intentionally looking through any resources and compiling elements for a worship service. One of the hardest things about scratching is knowing where to start. Creativity is not about finding ideas, it’s about finding the right ones.

Art In Worship (Worship Design Team Description)


We live in a visual society. Almost everyone today has a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer of some kind and that has influenced us profoundly. The way we learn and communicate has become primarily through images with short blurbs. We click on icons on our devices, we send pictures through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Art in worship can capitalize on some of the following principals.

Worship Words (Worship Design Team)


God spoke creation into being with words. Christ is referred to as the “Word” made flesh. Hebrews says that the Word of God is living and active and functions like a sword. Words are powerful and we should treat them with respect and seek to handle our swords with ninja like proficiency.

As worship leaders it’s important that we ourselves handle words carefully as well. However planning is best done in a team and that’s where finding a gifted writer comes in. Part of our job is the equip the saints for works of service and God has probably placed some very capable writers in your midst who are waiting to use their gifts but don’t realize what they can contribute to your services.

Church audio troubleshooting


“I’m in over my head” he said with an embarrassed and terrified look on his face. I was leading worship for a conference out of town and as we were setting up I asked the volunteer who was running the sound system a question. The worship leader had left for another church a couple of months previous and the tech director had quit a couple weeks before as well. As we worked together to cobble together a solution I was struck with a powerful realization. I said to myself, “I don’t ever want this to happen to anyone who serves in my ministry!” And then I choked because I realized it could. Church audio troubleshooting is complicated and it needs a roadmap to guide those who are learning to run the audio visual equipment.