Worship Warfare Pt. 1 (Enemies in Worship)


A few years ago I was with my team backstage praying before we went out to lead worship for our Church family and a brother in Christ named Mike Wallace said something very powerful to us. He said that we were about to engage in an act of worship warfare. I’ll admit, I grew up in a Church environment where raising your hands was suspect and it’s taken me a while to grow past that unbiblical attitude. So when someone talks about spiritual warfare, lookout, there’s some serious crazy bout to go down! I love my brother though and respect him a ton so I heard him out. What was a quick statement and some real scriptural knowledge has lead to a couple of years really digging in and appreciating that truth.

Tips for Worship Creative Teams


Running effective and productive worship creative teams is hard. As I’ve talked with other worship leaders and ministers I’ve found that running a creative meeting seems to be even harder. When I ask how colleagues run creative meetings, the response is usually something like “not very well”. I’ve been working on killing bad creative team meetings in the last couple of years and have identified some of the pitfalls as well as a couple of solutions. I think that a lot of the difficulty comes from our understanding of creativity. We tend to treat creativity as if it’s this magic inspiration that appears at just the right time. ¬†That explains why sitting in a room and looking at a sermon title with a section of scripture, waiting for the good stuff to come pouring out rarely happens.