Winning the Worship Wars (before the fighting even begins)


Guitar or no guitar? Drums or no drums? Acoustic or Electric? Old Music or New Music? Traditional, contemporary, modern or blended (whatever that means today)? The Worship Wars have gone on for years, long before the transition that started with “contemporary” worship in the 70’s. The argument hasn’t always been about music either. Some of the past worship wars were about the role of visual art or the correct language that worship services should be in.

There has always been a tension when that we must continually navigate between what I call TIMELY AND TIMELESS principals of worship.

Church Stage Design (Lowes and Ministry)


When I took the job at Lakeside over six years ago, church stage design was not even a blip on my radar. I walked in to a “gymnatorium” or a “sanctanasium” (whichever you prefer) and thus began my journey and daily experiment of taking a multi-use room and turning it into an useful worship space.  Over the years I never would have imagined how much time I would spend in home improvement stores problem solving and dreaming up stage designs. As I get a chance, I will go through the individual stage changes and walk through the materials used in the ones we’re particularly proud.  In this post I simply want to point out some of the lessons learned over the past six years of doing stage design. I wish I had known about the website earlier because it would have answered a lot of questions for me. However, I’m glad we did things the way we did because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pass on the following lessons I’ve learned along the way. Here’s some things that it takes to do stage design in the local church.

Planning Tool #3: iTunes Playlists


I love listening to new music and digging through albums to find those gold nuggets that really resonate with our Church community and help them engage in musical worship. I’m constantly going to and checking to see what music is set to be released in the coming months. Then on the Tuesday it comes out, first thing as soon as I’m in the office, I typically fire up iTunes and purchase the album.

One of my biggest problems though is my music library is now over 30-40 gig and it’s hard for me to keep track of albums that I have purchased in the last year, let alone the songs that I think could be great for our Church.