Caution: Spirit Falling? Worship Theology

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In prepping for our Christmas Series based on Isaiah 61 I had a group of people read the entire passage and then we started asking questions like, what would a seeker, a new believer and a mature believer have questions about as they read this. I was struck by the quick response of what does it mean for the Spirit of the Lord to be upon me. Initially I was a little overwhelmed since I was preaching the first Sunday of the series and would have to address this topic in front of our congregation. But after thinking about it I realized that I’m really excited about this message.

As a worship leader I’ve struggled over the last couple of years with the role of the Holy Spirit in worship. Coming from a theological stream of Christians that are not Charismatic and uneasy about anything construed as “Pentecostal” I feel like I’ve had to overcome a lot of unhelpful attitudes and misunderstandings about what God’s Spirit does and does not do. We like to sing out loud the Doxology of Praise Father, Son, and then whisper under our breath “Holy Ghost”.


I know this is no surprise to anyone. It seems like they have the corner on 90% of the Churches in the US. I actually have nightmares of  Planning Center going bankrupt and losing the hundreds of hours I’ve spent over the years putting charts, mp3’s and other resources I’ve meticulously uploaded. There are so many features to this monthly paid service that a single blog post couldn’t do it justice but I thought that I would share some of the biggest time killers and savers I’ve learned. (Check Out the Video Tutorial)

Loops in Worship (What to Avoid)

Remember going to Chuckie Cheeses as kid for birthday parties and rockin along with the awesome house band? You know, the robots that tirelessly cranked out the greatest hits of the 50’s that were tweaked for little kids to sing along to. Ever wondered if this is what it might feel like as a musician in the church as loops in worship began to be implemented?

This is not a profound truth but don’t replace people with machines. I can just hear some of you thinking but they’re always on time, never unprepared, don’t play wrong notes and won’t ever complain but it’s simply not worth it.